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- The safety hammer is perfect for freeing you and/or others from the car in case of accidents/emergencies.
- The hammer function, the metal points on either side, are provided with transparent protective caps
(always remove them before use!) and enables you to break the car window.
- The seat belts can be cut using the safely recessed knife.
- The safety hammer may only be used in emergencies and is thus not for other purposes!
- Affix the plastic holder such that the safety hammer can be quickly and easily reached in case of accidents/emergencies.

Suitable for:
- For breaking the car windows (only in case of accidents/emergencies).
- Cutting the seat belts.

Emergency hammer, Safety rescue hammer, Window glass breaker, Belt cutter

Artikelnummer: 540050
Streckkod: 8717568790794
Box: 40x138x241mm
Vikt: 170gram

Quantity per outer carton: 24
Quantity per inner carton: 12
Kvantitet per lastpall: 1080
Yttre: 275x360x310mm
CBM: 0,0307 m3



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