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Puhdas etikka 5 litra

Cleaning vinegar can be used as a cleaning agent
for refreshing, descaling and degreasing of Windows,
household appliances, Cookware, bathroom fixtures and clothes.
Follow for descaling your home appliances the requirements
from the manufacturer.

Cleaning vinegar is not suitable for use on calcareous materials.
At least twice, rinse with tap water.
Not suitable for preparing food.
Follow for descaling your home appliances the manufacturer's instructions.

Cleaning vinegar

Tuotenro. 130069
Viivakoodi: 8711751001148
Laatikko: 185x138x285mm
Paino: 5180grammaa

Quantity per outer carton: 3
Quantity per inner carton: 0
Määrä lavaa kohti: 144
Ulkoinen: 390x195x305mm
CBM: 0,0232 m3



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