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Jakorasia 3-tie 12V sis. asennuslevy

- Max. 3x 12 volt devices with Euro standard plugs can be use simultaneously on this power point.
- 10A Fuse (in the plug).
- Control lamp indicates battery status.
- Max load limit is 10Amp.
- Can be attached with screws or glue.

Socket, Cigarette lighter socket

Tuotenro. 450566
Viivakoodi: 8717568791050
Laatikko: 85x128x229mm
Paino: 250grammaa

Quantity per outer carton: 20
Quantity per inner carton: 10
Määrä lavaa kohti: 500
Ulkoinen: 530x355x340mm
CBM: 0,064 m3



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