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Tie down strap blue with snap-lock 5 meter

- 5M / 25mm
- Polyester (PES)
- TüV/GS EN12195-2
- LC: 200daN
- Lashing capacity: max. 200kg

- The strap should not be stretched over sharp edges or rough surfaces
- Use several straps fasten a load
- It is strictly forbidden stretch the straps using a device not recommended by the manufacturer
- Do not use worn straps replace them
- The straps must be knotted
- Do not use for lifting weights

Tie down strap

Varenummer: 320062
Strekkode: 8719497086061
Pakke: 60x98x169mm
Vekt: 120gram

Kvantitet per ytre kartong: 24
Kvantitet per indre kartong: 12
Antall per pall: 1560
Utvendig emballasje: 340x240x360mm
CBM: 0,0294 m3



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