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Aluminium motor kasse med lokk og sylinderlås sidekasse 41L

- 1.2mm thick plating

- Waterproof

- Silicone coated internal joints

- Low weight

- Product does not include attachments for boxes to be fixed on a motorcycle. All further installations and settings are exclusively on the user. PAT Europe is not liable for any damage caused to a motorcycle during installation by the user

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Varenummer: 580339V02
Strekkode: 8719946000280
Pakke: mm
Vekt: 0gram

Kvantitet per ytre kartong: 1
Kvantitet per indre kartong: 0
Antall per pall: 28
Utvendig emballasje: 505x305x390mm
CBM: 0,0601 m3



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