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Spazzola con manico da 25cm con lavavetri manico telescopico 1,8 metri

- Perfect for cars, vans, caravans, trailers, mobile homes and bikes
- As well as tasks around home and garden / winter garden

- Only use cold water te avoid scalding
- Avoid over head power lines and wires as contact may result in electrocution and even fatality
- First use water hose to remove large amount of dirt (mud) to avoid damage on brush and surface

Parole chiave:
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Numero articolo: 150668
Codice a barre: 8719946000037
Scatola mm
Peso: 762grammi

Quantità per scatola esterna: 12
Quantità per scatola interna: 0
Quantità per pallet: 264
Esterno: 1250x260x190mm
CBM: 0,0618 m3



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