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Copertur parabrezza anti gelo/parasole 70x180cm

- Size: 70x180cm
- In the winter: anti-frost blanket / foil prevents frosting on the car windscreen, fits practically every car.
- Quick and easy to install and stow away afterwards.
- Can also be used as a mat in the snow when fitting snow chains.
- You no longe rneed an ice scraper, practical and quick. No more cold hands.
- In the summer, it can also be used as a sunscreen: reflects the sunlight by which the temperature in the car rises less quickly.

Parole chiave:
Anti frost windscreen cover, Sunshade, Anti frost snow ice screen protector cover blanket

Numero articolo: 630318
Codice a barre: 8717568799247
Scatola 30x209x237mm
Peso: 160grammi

Quantità per scatola esterna: 60
Quantità per scatola interna: 12
Quantità per pallet: 2700
Esterno: 400x265x395mm
CBM: 0,0419 m3



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