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Tappetino antiscivolo in confezioni

- Size: 10x15cm
- Makes it easy to keep all sorts of objects in place
- Sticks effortlessly to nearly all surfaces ranging from horizontal to inclined surfaces
- Long-term use under all conditions
- Ideal for the dashboard!
- Can be used very well in the car, boat, camper, caravan, office or at home
- Made from high-quality silicone
- Easy to rinse (use lukewarm water)
- Withstands high temperatures in the sun

Parole chiave:
Anti slip mat, Anti-slip non-slip car dashboard adhesive mat

Numero articolo: 240034
Codice a barre: 8718546656125
Scatola 30x149x217mm
Peso: 110grammi

Quantità per scatola esterna: 24
Quantità per scatola interna: 6
Quantità per pallet: 720
Esterno: 430x340x260mm
CBM: 0,038 m3




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