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MM_688036 Keenol Power-Clean 200L

- Application:
Cleaning of painted and unpainted objects, floors, machines, cranes, machine parts, precision parts in any industry. Suitable for use in garages, tankers, filling stations, bakeries, food industry etc.
May also be used in scrubber drier machines (keep to mixing ratios indicated 1:10-1:20)
Special applications: cleaning tarpaulins, rubber mats, diesel oil stains and to replace ammonia.
Do not spray on windows, mirrors and spectacle lenses
Store in a frost-free place.

Normal soiling-1:20
For doors, furniture, stains in textiles, blinds, stainless steel, plastics, sinks, showers, floors, tiles, paving, etc.
Heavy soiling-1:10
For degreasing and cleaning heavily soiled (machine) parts, machines, cranes, containers, forklift trucks, trailers, rubberised concrete filling station tiles, ship decks, dustbins, toilets. Removal of rubber streaks, old wax layers, stubborn fruit stains, etc.
Extreme fouling:
The best result is obtained by spraying a K-006 solution onto the surface to be cleaned and immediately wiping it off with a damp cloth and/or spraying it with a high-pressure cleaner.
Power-Clean is a powerful water soluble safe product, biodegradable and alkaline used for quick and efficient removal of grease, dirt, carbon, oil, fire damage, soot, nicotine stains and other stubborn fouling in numerous applications. It has no adverse effect on the action of oil separators. Low foaming, colourless and unperfumed.


Power Cleaner, Professional cleaner, Industrial cleaner

Tuotenro: MM_688036
Viivakoodi: 8718226880369
Paino sis. pakkaus: 200000gramma
Nettopaino: 200000gram
Outer weight: 210,00 kg
Quantity per outer carton: 1
Quantity per inner carton: -
Määrä lavaa kohti: 2
Tuote pakattu: -mm
Mitta sisäpakkaus: -mm
Koko ulkoinen: 550x550x880mm
CBM ulkopakkausta kohti: 0,2662m3