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Conjunto de protectores de neumáticos de 2 piezas

- Intended for protection when parking your caravan, camper, folding trailer, trailer or oldtimer.
- Prevents tyre deformation and extends life.
- Advised for use in case of long parking.
- Suited for all common tyre sizes from 13 inches up to 18 inches.
- Max. tread width from 20cm per part or coupled up to max. 1x40cm.
- Provided with 4 holes to fix onto the ground.
- Provided with suspension slot.

Palabras clave:
Tyre saver, Tire saver, Wheel saver, Tire cradle, Tire cradles, Tire protector, Car stand plate, Flat spot stopper, Flat spot protection

Número de artículo: 360838
Código de barras: 8718546658730
Caja: 208x436x80mm
Peso: 950gramos

Cantidad por caja exterior: 6
Cantidad por caja interior: 0
Cantidad por palé: 168
Exterior: 485x245x430mm
CBM: 0,0511 m3



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