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550062 Cargador solar de 12V y 2,4W

- Max. 1.5 W
- Ideal for cars, mobile homes, vans, motorcycles, boats, etc.
- Always the possibility to charge the battery with this solar powered trickle charger
- Easy and direct to connect to the battery of the vehicle through the cigarette lighter
- Also works in bad weather conditions and under cloudy weather
- The casing is UV-resistant and shockproof
- A flashing LED light indicates that the solar charger is ready to use
- 12 V cigarette lighter cable and adapter for a direct connection to the battery are included
- Carefully designed and manufactured for durability
- This product is only intended to keep the battery at a usable level. Do not use the trickle charger to charge a completely empty battery!

- Charge your battery with solar energy and conserve the environment

Palabra clave

Battery trickle charger

Número de artículo: 550062
Código de barras: 8717568794600
Peso incl. embalaje: 1130gramos
Peso neto: 830gram
Outer Weight: 12,00 kg
Cantidad por caja exterior: 10
Cantidad por caja interior: 2
Cantidad por palé: 280

Artículo empaquetado: 40x205x395mm

Dimensión de cartón interior: 33x493x261mm
Talla exterior: 510x350x290mm
CBM caja exterior: 0,051765m3