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Battery charger Smart 12V 0,9-3,2Amp.

- Convenient operation.
- Reliable safety.
- High quality.
- Stable output current.
- If the battery is over-charged, the charger will keep it at a normal current output.
- If short-circuit happens, the charger will switch off itself, and return to normal after a few minutes.

- Connect the red clip to the positive (‘+’) terminal of the battery, and the black clip to the negative (‘-‘) terminal.
- Plug in the power source of the battery charger: The charging will start.


- Unit must operate from AC 220-240V supply. The red clip and black clip should not touch during charging to avoid short circuit.
- Place the charger in a dry and well ventilated area.

Battery charger

Article number: 550139
Barcode: 8717249108696
Box: 261x148x60mm
Weight: 540gramme

Quantity per outer carton: 20
Quantity per inner carton: 0
Quantity per pallet: 480
Outer: 535x395x335mm
CBM: 0,0708 m3



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